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2018-2019 Volunteer Registration



As a participant in the SRJHC program, Volunteers are required to become Volunteer Compliant. The more  compliant volunteers your team has, the easier it is on the entire parent/guardian body. Please read below for more information, check out the links, and complete the registration. It is good for two years and the $25 fee will be reimbursed by the SRJHC.


“USA Hockey requires employees and/or volunteers to report abuse, misconduct, and violations of its safety policies. To do so, employees and/or volunteers should have a basic understanding of sexual abusers and the strategies that offenders use to seduce their victims. Employees and volunteers should also have an understanding of the various other types of abuse (physical, emotional, bullying threats, harassment and hazing), the effect such abuse can have on its victims, how to spot such abuse, and how to prevent abuse from occurring in their program.”


“All volunteers and employees over the age of 18 are required to be screened prior to such volunteers or employees having access to youth participants. An approved screen is valid for two years.”


Taken from USA Hockey SafeSport Brochure


“The presence of adults in the locker rooms is critical to maintaining a safe and positive environment. Over the past five years it has become clear that more than half of all SafeSport incidents reported each year occur in locker rooms.  In all but a few cases, there was no locker room monitor present. 


Whenever players are present in the locker room, there must be at least one screened and SafeSport- trained adult present either in the locker room or near the door (within arm’s length and so the monitor can sufficiently hear inside the locker room), frequently checking and communicating with the players so they understand they are being monitored.  Coaches can act as locker room monitors, however, we strongly encourage volunteer parents to fill this role to enable the coaches to focus on game or practice planning and preparation.”  


Lifted from SportsEngine Quick Reference to Locker Room Monitoring

Also, check out this great page:

USA Hockey SafeSport FAQ's


Register as a Volunteer

2018-2019 USA Hockey Number (, this is free to volunteers, but you will need this number before you begin the process of filling out the form. 

SafeSport certificate to upload. This involves taking an online training, and answering some questions. When completed, you will be emailed a certificate.

CAHA Screening Compliance expiration date ( If you are not on this list, you will need to apply for a background check, for a fee of $25.00. Provide your receipt to  for reimbursement of this fee! The background check can take up to two weeks.

Go here to begin this process:


Once you have all these items, return to this  registration for completion. Thank you! We understand it is a process, but worth it to our youth athletes.


Please direct questions to:

Chris Woida


Phone: 707-272-3451